First look at David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2

David Attenborough’s latest documentary will shine a light on the deepest and darkest realms of our oceans.

Blue Planet 2 will air in the UK on October 29 and Channel 9 is tipped to pick up the series and broadcast it in Australia, at a later date.

The seven-part documentary explores the weird and wacky nature of marine creatures from around the planet.


Some of the most hotly anticipated footage in the upcoming series is of the Giant Trevally, with the huge fish expected to star in one the show’s key scenes.

The fish will show off its athleticism, timing and raw power when it leaps out of the water, jaws agape, and devours a passing bird with a single bite.

Part of the documentary series focuses on the creatures in our Great Barrier Reef.

We’ll see a tuskfish use a nub of coral to crack open clams and grouper fish using a type of sign language to encourage octopuses to help them hunt.