First Olympic record has been set – for condoms!

I’m officially a prude. Or naïve. Or perhaps a little of both?

Because I had no idea that Olympic athletes got up to all sorts of sexy shenanigans during the Games.

Apparently it is a pretty well known thing that Olympians get their shag on in a big way at the athlete’s village. Before their events, after their events, they don’t discriminate. Let’s just hope there are plenty of showers happening in between…


A bunch of them – such as U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was regrettably attached at a previous’ Games in what he described as a “big mistake” – have signed up to Tinder to facilitate faster hookups.

Silly me. I thought they were too busy practicing, getting prepared, meditating and generally focusing on the elite global competition they were about to participate in.

But if that’s the case, why have organisers ordered a whopping 450,000 condoms for the official athlete’s village?!

It’s set a record as the most of condoms ever provided by Games. It sure dwarfs the 70,000 to 100,000 that were rumoured to be ordered in Sydney.

One Olympian, an American javelin thrower called Breaux Greer, has bragged of his previous Olympic conquests.

He reportedly, ahem, ‘met up’ with three women every day of the Olympics, and then enjoyed the company of a yet another lass on the flight home. Perhaps if he’d put a little more of his energy into his performance on the field, he may have won

To be clear, it’s not like Olympic handlers are providing dozens of condoms to each athlete in a welcome pack or anything. Swimmer Alexandre Haldemann from Switzerland says organisers “don’t just give them to you… You have to go and get them yourself, and you can take as many as you want.”

Glad we cleared that up.

In a way, I guess, Rio should be proud?

I mean, say what you want about the Brazilian city being unprepared for the Olympics – there is one area they are not dropping the ball (so to speak), and that is when it comes to unprotected sex!