First week of summer to stay ‘hot, dry and sunny’ for the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is in for a few more hot days, with little to no rain in sight.

Thankfully, we’re not quite at ‘heatwave’ temps just yet, though it’s already pretty hot for the first week of summer.

The Gold Coast is heading for tops of 30 to 31 degrees today, 32 degrees tomorrow, and 34 degrees on Friday.


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Dean Narramore from the Bureau says it’s due to westerly winds dragging the heat from the state’s interior all the way to the coast, though there is still some relief overnight.

“We normally sit around the high 20s to around 30 or so degrees (at this time of year), so it is a few degrees above average.

“But the nights aren’t too warm yet… They’re still saying around 17/18 degrees and will get up to around 20 degrees in the morning.

“So in a heatwave – you want to have the nights and days well above average and that kind of means that the human body kind of struggles to cool down in the evening and have no respite.

“The days are going to be hot but the nights are still going to have some relief with a bit of an easterly in the evening,” Mr Narramore said.

Though we’re not quite in our first heatwave of the season yet, Mr Narramore warns that the conditions will still be terrible for fire fighters, with little to no rain in the forecast.

“Unfortunately with those hot, dry and westerley winds we’re going to see fire dangers increase as we move into the end of the week, so we’re looking into ‘very high’ to ‘severe’ fire dangers.

“Again Friday is probably the peak day when we’re going to have severe fire danger ratings in the south east coast, obviously including the Gold Coast area, and up through the Hinterland, but we’ve got ‘very high’ fire dangers for at least the next four days.

“So pretty much four days of hot, sunny weather on the way and dry conditions as well, probably wont see any cooling relief until around Sunday when we get our next southeasterly change.

“There may be a chance of a shower or storm on the southeasterly change over the weekend,” Mr Narramore said.

The Gold Coast’s Air Quality rating has dropped down to a moderate level, after smoke haze forced it to an ‘unhealthy’ rating yesterday.

This could worsen again by the end of the week as well.