Five Federal MPs to face Brisbane High Court over citizenship crisis

The High Court in Brisbane will begin proceedings today to decide the fate of five Federal MPs who were deemed ineligible to serve in Parliament due to holding dual citizenship.

Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan, Malcolm Roberts, Scott Ludlam, and Larissa Waters will have their cases mentioned this morning.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he’s confident the court will find in favour of all five MPs.


Today’s direction hearing is expected to lay down a framework for the full case to be heard and provide a timeline for submissions and consideration of the outcome.

The Attorney General has already asked for a hearing in the full court to be held on September 13 and 14, arguing the case is of compelling public interest.

Mr Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister, is among those in danger of being found ineligible to remain in parliament because he’s a dual citizen of New Zealand.

If the court rules his election was invalid it would trigger a by election in the seat of New England, which would threaten the government’s slender one seat majority.

If Senators Roberts, Waters or Ludlam are disqualified their seats would be filled by next person in line from their party following the last federal election.