Five new local COVID cases recorded in Victoria

Victoria has recorded another five new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 as the state enters its third full day of a seven-day lockdown.

One of today’s cases has been identified as a worker at an aged care facility in Melbourne, forcing the facility into lockdown.

Health officials have now identified more than 4,000 primary close contacts across all of the exposure sites.


70 per cent of those have since returned negative results.

There are now 49 active cases in Victoria. One other overseas acquired case was also recorded in hotel quarantine.

People in Victoria continue to turn out in droves to get tested with 45,301 tests carried out in the last 24 hours.

Acting Premier James Merlino also confirmed a $250 million business support package for small and medium-sized businesses to help them get through the lockdown.

He also lashed out at the federal government for not doing more to support Victorians.

“Victorian workers need support and that is where we needed Canberra to come to the table and I am very sorry to say that they have refused to do that,” he told reporters on Sunday.

“We asked multiple times for the federal government to support workers during this period and the unrelenting answer has been no.

“Victorian workers deserve more from the federal government and I am beyond disappointed that the answer from the Prime Minister and the Treasurer has been no.”

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas reiterated those remarks.

“You will hear a lot from the federal government about the need for us to work in partnership, well, we are not a silent partner,” Mr Pallas said.

“They like making speeches. They are not a tangible partner. We need them to step up to the plate.

“They like to pride themselves on being the party of the forgotten people. Well, the people they seem to have forgotten is Victorians and in particular Victorian workers.”

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Victoria can’t do anything right, they never learn honestly!