Five people fined as Qld police crackdown on border dodgers

Five people have been slapped with fines of more than $4000 after they were caught sneaking into Queensland from Victoria.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski revealed the border dodgers failed to comply with the directions required when coming into the sunshine state from a declared COVID hotspot.

“That has been a combination of people not getting border passes, but also in some instances, people putting false declarations on their border passes,” he said.


One of those included a man who made his way into Dalby via the Coolanagatta border on the Gold Coast.

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said the man made an “untrue declaration” on his border pass.

“On top of that,  on the 4th of June two women were intercepted having come across the Goondiwindi border, they were detected in the Darling Downs district and they have been issued with penalty infringement notices of $4003 for failing to comply with directions.”

While two other people, who also ventured into Queensland from Victoria, were caught in the Wide Bay district with no border pass at all.

It’s prompted authorities in Queensland to issue a stern message to travellers breaking the rules, warning they will be caught.

“I’ve been advised this morning by the Deputy Commissioner that there are other people coming across our border from Victoria who are driving up through New South Wales, crossing our border from Victoria who do not have the exemptions or travel declarations to do so,” Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said.

“We will be making sure that you are found. This is an offence. You cannot come into this state if you are from a hotspot and put our state at risk. And we will make sure that you will face the consequences if you do that.

So these people who think that they can avoid our border controls by jumping in their car and coming across – it is every chance that you will be found out. Either someone will be picking up the phone and telling us, or the police will be doing intercepts and finding you.”

Minister D’Ath said it’s simply not worth the risk.

“It’s not worth the risk of the fine and it’s not worth the risk of putting your health and the health of every Queenslander at risk simply because you want to come across into our state. Be respectful. We all want to keep everyone safe from COVID. And people should not be breaching the rules.”

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski confirmed the investigation into the couple who escaped Melbourne’s lockdown, bringing COVID-19 into Queensland, is progressing.

“Our focus has been on where they have been here for contact tracing and then verifying that through CCTV, where we can,” he said.

“We have not yet interviewed them in terms of any offences and we do not plan to do so until we are advised by Health it is safe to do so.

“There is no urgency in sending our offices to interview people who are infected until we need to do that. We do anticipate that will happen within the next few days or the next week. 

“We will complete our investigation in terms of establishing the facts of what has happened. Of course, the way our system works, we will put our allegations or any allegations we have to those people and allow them to have a response before we take further action. So that investigation remains ongoing.”