Five terror accused on their way to Melbourne

Five men accused of plotting to take a fishing boat to Indonesia and eventually join extremists in Syria, are on their way back to Melbourne.

The group was arrested in Cairns last week, reportedly with the seven-metre vessel in tow.

Now they are seated inside a specially-chartered plane on their way to face Court, a flight which takes around three hours.


Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio, Shayden Thorne, Kadir Kaya, Antonio Granata and Paul Dacre face charges.

If found guilty they face a maximum penalty of life behind bars.

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These 5 terrorist scumbags have been loaded onto a charted jet and being flown in comfort back to Melbourne?!?!?!
Screw that…
How’s about you just load them into a cramped prison van like cattle and drive all the way back hitting every speed hump and pot hole on the long journey home.
How dare the Australian government pay for a private jet to fly these oxygen thieves back here.
They’re less than animals… treat them as such.