Five unsafe toys taken off Qld shelves ahead of Christmas

FIVE dangerous toys have been removed from shelves permanently following The Office of Fair Trading’s annual toy safety blitz.

‘Operation Safe Christmas 17’ has wrapped up for another year, with Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer revealing the toys taken off Queensland shelves included three aquatic products, one projectile toy and one plush toy.

“Fair Trading officers inspected 3378 product lines at 228 retailers across Queensland from August to November to ensure products offered for sale comply with safety standards,” Mr Bauer said.


“An additional seven product lines suspected to be non-compliant have also been removed from shelves while they undergo additional testing.

“These included three projectile toys and four toys for children up to, and including, 36 months of age.”

Mr Bauer said the Queensland climate is ideal for celebrating Christmas in the pool, but urged anyone  buying or using aquatic toys or a portable pool to do so safely.

“We want Queenslanders to have an enjoyable, and most importantly, safe time, which includes checking products are safe, but also following any instructions carefully,” he said.

The five products removed from Qld shelves permanently include: