Flan’s Inaugural Local Legend Award

by Sean Flanagan from Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade for Breakfast.

It’s been an amazing week for one local legend.

Jon Gibson, happily married husband, father of two nippers and vice-captain of surf life saving patrols at North Burleigh Surf Club, wrote a brilliant gumtree advertisement this week with the aim of flogging his Toyota Landcruiser.


I read his claims that the car’s bumper bar was made from recycled Samurai swords and the air filter’s snorkel can suck clouds from the sky and I was soon cacking myself laughing.

At the time Jonno had no idea that in a twinkling 80,000+ people would read his ad.  It’s even made headlines overseas.

When you read it you will know he’s bloody funny.  What you can’t glean from it is what a great heart this bloke has.

The ad went up and his world went mad.

His phone started ringing off the hook with media types wanting a pound of his flesh to offer to the public.

Immediately Jonno’s mind turned to using the fleeting attention span of the news cycle to do some good for the Gold Coast.

We’ll get to that in a moment but first here’s some more back story on Jonno;

I’d met Jonno only once at a mutual friend’s wedding when a few weeks later I’d finished work for the year and I was whisking my partner, Lisa and our two kids, off to Canberra for the world’s most overdue shotgun wedding.

We had just got over the NSW border, taken it up to our cruising altitude of 1 metre and a speed of 110 km/hr when we heard the distinctive sick thump of a flat tyre.

Luckily I am blessed with cat like reflexes and driving skills honed in Gold Coast bumper cars so I heroically nursed my Ford Territory into the servo at Chinderah to fix it.

I was only about three minutes drive from Victory Ford on the Tweed so it wasn’t a big deal.

I was wrestling with the spare when Jonno walked over and re-introduced himself.

He asked where I was off to, I told him and without a moment’s hesitation he offered to change the tyre for me.  “Call it a wedding present” he said.

“You’ve gotta drive a long way and you don’t need greasy, dirty hands on the steering wheel” and away he went.

About 17 seconds later the tyre was changed, Wally in service at Victory Ford performed his Christmas miracle, repaired my flat and soon we were on our way to the nation’s capital and our long overdue nuptials.

Fast forward 10 months and Simone Rappell, whose wedding we’d attended when I first met my flat tyre pit crew captain, rings me and says “Jonno’s written a hilarious ad on gumtree you’ve gotta check it out.”

I read it and thought, “I really want to help this guy sell his ute on the Flan and Emily Jade show.”

Turns out there was no need, he’d already sold the ute to the first bloke to check it out.

Jonno was really keen to chat but he did so on the proviso that we help publicise the surfsafe appeal.

That’s the sort of bloke Jonno is.

The surf life saving clubs always, always need our help and the best way is to join one.

Lisa and I are members at North Burleigh and we absolutely love going there with the kids for a meal.  So if you have a spare ten bucks or a million bucks, Clive, please donate it to the surf clubs.

When Jonno isn’t writing hilarious ads he’s devoting his time to saving lives at North Burleigh.

So Jonno, you’re my pick for the Inaugural Local legend award.

By the way, he tells me the poor bugger who looked at the ute tried to quibble on price and he was met with a flat response;

“Mate, you’re talking about the most popular car in the country.”

He paid full freight.  Onya Jonno.

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