Flan’s Van

Sean Flanagan, 1029 Hot Tomato’s Breakfast Announcer and lover of camping tested out a New Age Caravan with his family over the Queensland winter school holidays. Check out the video and his thoughts on what is now known as Flan’s Van! 

We recently lived in the New Age Road Owl caravan for a week of the Queensland school holidays, where we escaped to northern New South Wales.

This was our first time in a caravan, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the whole experience. The New Age Road Owl was a perfect size for the Flanagan family, we only needed two of the three spacious bunks to sleep on, so the other was handy for resting our guitars! Not that we needed the extra storage room – all the creature comforts you’d expect to find in a prestige van, this van had.


Due to a bit of rain across our break, we ended up spending quite a bit of time inside, in absolute comfort. It was nothing like an above ground submarine at all. The van was spacious, bright and airy – words I never thought I’d say together.

We stayed dry and toasty while relaxing, ukulele-ing and watching movies on the queen-size bed, and we loved every second of it. Even though it was very cold outside, we were always snuggly and warm, without having to turn on the aircon much at all.

The extensive kitchen facilities were fantastic. Drinks were kept cool in the 164litre fridge, and the microwave, well that got a fair workout with leftovers from a slow cooker that we were able to store under the outdoor canopy. Tea and toast was so easy!  Even though we were dying to test out the oven, we decided to leave it new and sparkly for whoever snaps up this terrific van at the upcoming Gold Coast Expo.

Photo by Lisa Flanagan

My wife Lisa loved the full ensuite featuring a shower and toilet because it meant no trips to the amenities block after dark.  I loved that too, just quietly!

The whole experience was really easy, comfy and fun. We hope whoever buys this New Age Road Owl Caravan at the upcoming Gold Coast Expo at the end of this month has as much great family time as we did.

When you take it home you’ll also have an instant visitor’s room for Christmas or you can disappear in the Flan Van so the extended family can’t find you, and that’s when the aircon would be brilliant this summer.

Big, big thanks to New Age!

The Flanagans.

Photo by Lisa Flanagan


This post was sponsored by New Age Caravans Gold Coast


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