Flashing speed signs to light up more Queensland schools

AN additional 151 Queensland schools will have electronic flashing speed zone signs installed by June 2015.

It’s hoped the signs will help reduce the number of speeding infringements issued to drivers in school zones.

Last financial year, more than 28,000 were issued to drivers going over the speed limit in school areas


Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said 195 Queensland schools already have the signs installed.

“The flashing light program gives parents peace of mind their children are safer heading to and from school,” Mr Emerson said.

“The signs are an important reminder to motorists to slow down in and around school areas while our most vulnerable Queenslanders make their way to and from school.

“Schools are selected based on a detailed risk analysis of all existing school zones in Queensland and nominations by schools and communities based on local knowledge of particular problem areas through their local state members of parliament.

“Priority has been given to school zones with a significant crash history, a high level of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, higher speed limits and visibility problems.

“Our local members have been invaluable in recommending schools to receive the flashing lights, based on community feedback.

“Too many people either ignore or simply forget to reduce their vehicle speed, so the signs spell it out plain and simple – slowdown in school zones. It could save a child’s life.”