Flaw reportedly found in airport data

A local group claims a flaw has been found in Gold Coast Airport’s plans to introduce an Instrument Landing System.

The Gold Coast lifestyle association said recently obtained diversion data  from Airservices Australia called into question the basis of arguments for an ILS.

President Mike Renison said the airport maintained there were 50 diversions per annum and that 66 per cent of these would be helped by an ILS.


But he said figures from Airservices Australia suggested that “there were 13 diversions last year and eight of these were diverted because of heavy rain, low cloud, thunderstorms – conditions that the ILS could not have helped”.

Mr Renison also said Airservices Australia had been uncooperative in providing data relating to diversions.

He said both Airservices and the Airport were not able to answer a lot of their questions and refused to divulge the facts behind the weather-related diversions.

Gold Coast Airport Operating Officer David Collins confirmed that all information provided, including the Master Development Plan regarding the proposed Instrument Landing System was prepared by qualified subject matter experts.

Gold Coast Airport has complied with the comprehensive and transparent process required under the Airports Act 1996.

The ILS is the industry standard technology available now that can be used by all commercial airlines flying into the Gold Coast Airport in adverse weather conditions – helping to reduce diversions and delays.

Mr Collins also said the Gold Coast Airport is the only airport of the 12 largest in Australia that does not have an ILS.

Mr Renison added an alternative system known as the RMP, which is a satellite based navigation system, far higher technology, which keeps the planes out over the ocean using the curved flight path when planes are coming from the south or keeps them out over the ocean when planes are coming from the north and crossing over where they’ve always crossed at Currumbin Creek”.

He finished by saying that they are working closely with the Anti-Instrument Landing System group and are making sure the information regarding the flaws in the proposal are flagged to Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss so that when he makes his decision he will make a decision based on all the facts.