Flight attendant caught hiding ‘cartons of cigarettes’ in bin before bag check

A female airline crew member has been refused entry to Australia after being caught attempting to smuggle 10 cartons of cigarettes into the country.

The 50-year-old flight attendant arrived on a flight from Denpasar on Tuesday night, where she, along with other crew members were directed to the Border Force’s secondary examination area where their baggage was to be x-rayed.

“A female ABF officer observed the crew member enter a toilet block before her bag was screened where she was caught dumping a number of cartons of cigarettes into a bin,” Australian Border Force said in a statement.


In total, 10 cartons of cigarettes were seized (2,000 sticks).

The maximum allowance for cigarettes being brought into Australia is 25 sticks.

The woman’s visa was automatically cancelled and she was removed on a flight back to Indonesia the following morning.