Flights to and from Bali resuming after being halted due to ash cloud

UPDATE @ 10.40am: Flights to and from Bali have resumed this morning after earlier being halted due to a large ash cloud making conditions unsuitable for flying.

Both Jetstar and Tigerair have announced all flights to Bali will resume.

“We will be resuming all flights to and from Bali today. Our pilots made this assessment with the latest information from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre,” Jetstar wrote.


“We are looking at what additional flights can be scheduled to get people to their destinations. We will provide customers an update later today.

“As it is school holidays our whole network is extremely busy, so it will take us some time to get everyone on their way.”

Virgin Australia has just announced they will also be commencing flights.

“Virgin Australia has recommenced regular scheduled services between Australia and Denpasar, Bali after the volcanic activity from Mt Rinjani,” the company said in a statement.

Additional reporting by Shanee Dobeson.

EARLIER @ 6.20am: Flights to and from Bali have once again been delayed leaving hundreds of Aussies stranded.

Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair have grounded all flights in and out of Denpasar, while volcanic ash from Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani has made conditions unsuitable for flying.

Families are expected to be the worst affected by the delays, as they begin their descent back to Australia as school holidays come to a close.

Airlines will reassess conditions later in the morning, and passengers expecting to fly today should check in as normal.