Flights cancelled, locals evacuate as Bali volcano bubbles

Thousands of people living close to Bali’s Mt Agung haven’t listened to warnings to take shelter in evacuation areas as the volatile volcano looks set to erupt.

Major tremors have been pulsating throughout the night, as smoke and ash continue to billow into the sky.

Bali’s evacuation centres should have been full of people after authorities extended a no-go zone around the volcano.


But, the latest count of people at the shelters shows there was only a small percentage of locals taking the government’s advice.

Authorities are concerned about the safety of 100,000 people who live within a 10km radius of the crater.

Flights to and from Denpasar have been cancelled for another day, with thousands of tourists left stranded on the island.

Thousands of Schoolies who went to Bali have been stuck on the island for at least three extra days.

There are reports of insurance companies restricting financial support to their clients who have been left in the lurch.