How flipping the bird can help you win at life

“I’m just going to browse Facebook for a few minutes before bed, so I can feel good about the world and be uplifted by happy news.”

Said nobody, ever, in the history of time.

Facebook is becoming more and more like the evening news: it’s just a steady stream of depressing news about tragic and terrible world affairs, with the odd uplifting footage of a baby or a dog to make you smile.


I actively avoid the news at night, because I don’t like weighing my psyche down, yet my Facebook addiction delivers the same thing these days.

Every now and then, one really great story stands out – and last night, it was the story of Santo Condorelli.

If you haven’t heard about him, he’s the Canadian swimmer at the Olympics who has been snapped at the podium flipping the bird to the audience.

It initially had people confused – like, is he really flipping off his fans right now?!

But it turns out the reason why he salutes his middle finger to the crowd is actually very sweet.

You see, when Santo was just a kid, he kept losing in the pool. At around eight-years-old he was small for his age and was easily intimidated by the bigger swimmers in the pool that he was competing against.

That’s when his dad, Joseph, came up with a way to build up his son’s confidence.

“I told him… When you get on the blocks, just put everything out of your mind and swim like there’s nobody near you. He said to me ‘how do you do that?’ and I said ‘well, you say f*** it’. So he looked at me in the crowd, and we both gave each other the finger, and he started winning race after race. And we never looked back,” Joseph shares.

What a simple but bloody brilliant idea.

To this day, before he starts a race, Santo looks for his dad in the stands and the pair lift their middle finger to each other in salute.

Just goes to show that sometimes, the unorthodox way of doing things pays off!