Flood mitigation, affordable housing priority for Tweed

Three months since a number of Tweed Heads communities were devastated by flooding, the NSW Panning Minister has visited the region to look at ways to address the issue.

MP Anthony Roberts met with Tweed Shire Councillors, senior Council staff and planning staff yesterday to discuss industrial flood mitigation for Murwillumbah.

Mr Roberts, who is also the Minister for Housing, also spoke with Councillors about the need to increase social and affordable housing in the area.


The various constraints and opportunities that greenfield development sites present was also discussed.

Consideration was given to an urban growth/Landcom style government development corporation to lead quality development projects in either the Tweed Heads CBD or greenfield sites.

The aim is for this to provide social inclusion, open space, links to transport and community amenity with good environmental and built design.

Today, the Minister will be travelling throughout the Shire to visit some of the sites discussed at yesterday’s briefing.