Flood plains, trains and automobiles

SOMEONE has come up with another bright idea to get cars off the road and people onto public transport on the slowly choking Gold Coast.

And by someone I mean Mermaid MP Ray Stevens who yesterday (Thursday) told State Parliament he wants a rail connection between the heavy rail station at Nerang and the light rail station at Broadbeach.



Well, before the 2018 Commonwealth Games anyway.

Good luck with that.

It was not entirely clear if Mr Stevens, or Mermaid Ray as he likes to calls himself, wanted the heavy rail to continue from Nerang to Broadbeach or the light rail to zoom back up to Nerang.

But Mermaid Ray, or Railroad Ray as I like to call him, reasoned it would be cheaper to build a rail line in the east-west corridor than extend the heavy or light rail to Coolangatta.

“That is a workable, financially feasible proposal because most of that route is over flood plains, which are not built on and could be easily covered by a raised rail line,” Railroad Ray said.

And he should know – he was behind the Naturelink skyrail project.

Oh wait …maybe that’s what he means by a raised rail line.

But apparently anyone with hopes Railroad Ray will champion the Gold Coast’s need for those lines to be extended down south can just forget about it.

Railroad Ray, or RaRa as I sometimes also call him, said people travelling from Brisbane to Nerang on the heavy rail could instead travel right over to Broadbeach.

It would also go past Metricon Stadium which would be handy on game days and extra handy in 2018 for the Commonwealth Games.

RaRa then called on the Gold Coast City Council and the State Government to find an affordable, achievable connection between the light and heavy rails.

Sure, no worries, easy peasy.

It will be interesting to see if RaRa turns up at the gala official opening of the $1 billion tram system that currently terminates not far from his Broadbeach electorate office.

He once declared he would never support Labor’s expensive folly, that it was very limited and would end up costing taxpayers more.

Well, if his plans go ahead it certainly will.



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