BREAKING | Parts of Tweed ordered to evacuate as flood waters rise

UPDATE @ 10.00 AM | An Evacuation Order has now been issued for people living near the Tweed River at Condong, Tumbulgum and surrounding areas.

Flood waters have begun to close local low-lying roads, and the Tweed Valley Way to the North of Tumbulgum, with rescue crews admitting it is now too dangerous to stay in the area.

The areas affected include properties on the Tweed Valley Way north of Murwillumbah, Condong and Tumbulgum and the low-lying areas of Tyalgah and surrounding areas.


NSW SES is directing people to evacuate the high danger area via the Tweed valley Way.

“Once flood water begins inundating the area, road access, water, sewerage, power, phones, and internet may be lost,” the SES warned.

“If you remain in the area you will be trapped, and it may be too dangerous for SES to rescue you.”

An evacuation centre has been set up at Wollumbin High School 94 North Arm Road Murwillumbah.

What you need to do:
  • Lift possessions and important items above the predicted flood height
  • Take pets, essential items, warm clothes, medicines, insurance documents and valuables with you.
  • Leave as early as possible to avoid restricted roads.
  • Share this information with family, friends and neighbours and help others where possible.

EARLIER @ 7.00 AM | Residents in areas along the Tweed River are being warned to remain on high alert this morning, with flooding posing a serious concern.

An evacuation warning remains in place for South Murwillumbah and Tweed Valley Way, with “moderate flooding” expected there this morning.

As a result, businesses, residents and visitors in the area are being urged to take action now to prepare for the possible flood impacts.

NSW SES is advising residents in low lying areas that they may need to evacuate due to rising flood water.

The areas include low lying areas of South Murwillumbah residential and industrial estates, Greenhills Caravan Park, Residential and business areas bounded by the Tweed River, the railway line, Alma Street and the southern end of Wardrop Street and Railway Street and Tweed Valley Way between Mistral Road and Rose Lane.

“Low lying properties may experience impacts due to flash flooding and/or riverine flooding,” SES warned.

“Once floodwater begins inundating the area, road access may be cut. If you remain in the area after this time, you may become trapped and it may be too dangerous for NSW SES to rescue you.”

Major flooding is forecast for the Tweed River at Tumbulgum and surrounding areas around midday today, with an evacuation warning in place for people in those areas.

“Water levels along the Tweed River have responded strongly to the increased rainfall,” BOM said.

“River levels at Tumbulgum are above the minor flood level and are expected to reach the major flood level on Tuesday around noon with the high tide.”

The SES said people in the Tumbulgum area need to “closely monitor weather and road closures and make informed decisions early based on individual circumstances.”

“Residents should monitor the situation as it is rapidly evolving and be prepared to evacuate when instructed to do so.”

A Flood Evacuation Order will be issued by the NSW SES if and when evacuations are required.

For life threatening emergencies phone Triple Zero000

Phone 132 500 for SES Storm and Flood Emergency assistance. NSW HealthLIVE Traffic NSW.