Folau offered to quit rugby over anti-gay comments

Wallabies star Israel Folau has revealed he offered Rugby Australia bosses the chance to sack him over controversial anti-gay comments on social media.

It comes after Folau said on Instagram that God’s plan for gay people was “hell’.

Folau was summoned to a meeting with Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle and New South Wales Rugby boss Andrew Hore last week.


Writing for Player’s Voice, Folau has revealed he offered to quit the game.

“After we’d all talked, I told Raelene if she felt the situation had become untenable – that I was hurting Rugby Australia, its sponsors and the Australian rugby community to such a degree that things couldn’t be worked through – I would walk away from my contract, immediately,” he wrote.

But Folau, who is off contract at the end of the year and has been linked to a return to the NRL, denies it was about boosting his bargaining power.

“There have been things written about me angling to get a release from my Rugby Australia deal to pursue an NRL contract. That simply isn’t true.”

“It’s about what I believe in and never compromising that because my faith is far more important to me than my career and always will be.”

Folau also criticised comments made by Castle at a media conference following their meeting, claiming the rugby boss misrepresented his position.