Food Fest to hopefully bridge the racial divide

The Gold Coast Islamic Society is inviting residents to head to the Arundel Mosque this weekend.

President Hussin Goss said they brought forward the International Food Festival after hearing about the Sydney police shooting earlier this month.

Curtis Cheng was shot dead by a 15-year-old boy who had been communicating with extremists on Twitter, according to The Australian.


Mr Goss is inviting everyone to attend their open day on Sunday “there’s about 20 different types of international food will be there, there’ll be of course rides for the kids, there’s different stalls, arts and crafts”.

Mr Goss added “it’s all held at the Mosque this year so, we’ve done this deliberately, we’ve brought this forward because we want to work with the wider community, which we’ve always done on the Gold Coast”.

Mr Goss said “on the Gold Coast we’re a bit more laid back and I think we do comprehend that at our Mosque there’s 45 or 50 different nationalities and we are working with the wider community to make the integration, especially with people that’ve come from overseas recently, in say the last ten years, to make it a bit easier for them”.

It all kicks off at 9am AEST | Visit for more event details.