“Forever” | Paramedics share the final moment of everlasting love between husband and wife

Queenslanders already knew their ambulance service is full of heroes, but this week we’re being reminded with a heart-warming and tear-jerking story for the history books.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has shared the tale of courageous Danny and his wife Shirley in their final moment together at an aged care home last week.

Danny, an elderly Torbanlea resident from the Fraser Coast, recently passed away, but not before paramedics reunited him with his beloved one last time.


He was facing the end of his battle with cancer and had taken solace in the fact he was leaving on his terms in his own home, surrounded by family, as the story goes.

“There was one piece missing however, with his wife Shirley receiving care in a nearby nursing home,” the QAS post reads.

“Danny had accepted that a conversation months ago would serve as the final goodbye with the woman he shared his life with.”

Paramedics were called to Danny’s home last weekend, due to a complication with some equipment used to treat him.

Allan, Samantha and Joshua were forced to tell Danny that there was no other option than for him to go to hospital, but had promised to return him home as soon as everything was resolved.

“True to their word, Allan and Samantha were returning Danny home when they overheard his inability to see Shirley,” the post continues.

“Realising Shirley was close to their route home, the officers sought permission for a brief detour.

“The end result was a touching moment the Rowland family and health staff won’t soon forget, as Danny and Shirley spent a final moment together.

“Danny sadly passed away several days later, comforted by the memory of holding his wife’s hand and a promise his love would last forever- a missing piece put into place thanks to an act of compassion, patience and humanity,” the post reads.

The Instagram post has sparked a wave of comments, love and attention from the broader Queensland and Australian community.

“Wow that made me cry. What a beautiful expression of love. Thanks QAS for such a moving post,” one comment reads.

“Such thoughtfulness and compassion is wonderful to see. Thank you so much,” says another.

“I’m not crying your crying ! 🥺😭😭😭😭 this is so special!!! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for sharing. Many blessings to the family ✨”



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