Forget ordinary hummus – sweet dessert hummus is here and we can’t stop drooling!

Who would have thought it… some genius has come up with the delightful idea of DESSERT HUMMUS and we could not be more stoked with life right now.

You know that delicious dip that just goes so well with a bit of crackers and cheese on a Friday afternoon? Well, it turns out you can now have it as a sweet treat after dinner too! #HUMMUSFORDAYZ


The mouth-watering concoction was founded by Makenzie Marzluff and has since featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in the US, where one of the Shark’s invested more than half a million dollars in the brilliant business – because seriously, who wouldn’t?

The dessert hummus, which comes in a variety of flavours including: Brownie Batter, Choc-O-Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Snickerdoodle, not only looks AMAZING – but it’s also 100% vegan.

It’s made with chickpeas just like ordinary hummus, but its sweetened with either coconut sugar or raw turbinado to give it that ‘cookie-dough’ taste!

Marzluff says the dessert hummus tastes best with a spoon straight out of the container, but also goes nicely with dipping fruit, pretzels, as spreading on toast or rice cakes, and as frosting on cakes and other desserts!

Unfortunately, Delighted By’s dessert hummuses are only available at retailers throughout the US at the moment, however we have a sneaky suspicion they may be heading down under sometime soon!