Forget ‘the dress’ THIS new audio clip has sparked fierce online debate!

Oh no… it’s ‘the dress’ all over again – but this time it’s in the form of sound instead of a photo.

Vlogger Cloe Feldman has sparked debate online after posting a piece of audio to her Instagram story and Twitter.

In the clip, she simply wrote: “What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel?”


The seemingly innocent question and audio has since gone viral around the world, with the internet divided over which word they hear.

Half seem to believe the audio recording says Yanny, while the other half believe the recording says Laurel.

Some even say they hear both names at once!

This guy thinks he’s cracked the code and claims that if you adjust the speaker bass levels, both names can be heard.

What do you hear? Let us know in the comments below…