Former cop tasered, raped, chopped off ex-girlfriend’s hair in horrifying attack

A FORMER Czech police officer who tasered and raped his ex-girlfriend in Sydney, allegedly hacked off her hair in order to humiliate her, a court has heard.

Pavel Svanda appeared in the Sydney District Court pleading guilty to a range of charges, including aggravated sexual assault, take and detain and acting with intent to influence a witness.

The 38-year-old allegedly tracked down his ex-girlfriend and was accidentally buzzed into her apartment on June 8 last year.


It is there he grabbed his victim, covered her mouth with his hand, dragged her to one of the bedrooms and tasered her in the back.

He forced her on to the bed, bound her with black tape, gagged her and then hacked at the woman’s hair with a razor and scissors before repeatedly sexually assaulting her.

Svanda is yet to be sentenced.