Former Dreamworld manager denies telling ride operator not to talk to Police

The former operations manager at Dreamworld has tearfully denied telling a young ride operator not to talk to Police after the 2016 tragedy.

Troy Margetts was giving evidence on the final day of this two-week hearing into the deaths of Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi.

Ride operator Courtney Williams told the inquest in June that she was told by a supervisor called Troy not to give any statements to Police.


Mr Margetts became emotional and wiped away tears as he was questioned about Ms Williams evidence.

“That did not happen in any way,” Mr Margetts told the inquest.

“My only conversation regarding that was to ask the officer to remove her from that situation because of where she was and because what we were seeing was very traumatic.”

Mr Margetts agreed with earlier testimony from another supervisor that a combination of human error and a lack of engineering control was responsible for the fatal accident.

He also told the inquest that he never saw two memos instructing ride operators about emergency stop buttons on the Thunder River Rapids Ride.

It comes as Dreamworld’s parent company issues another apology for the tragedy.

In a statement Ardent Leisure Chairman Dr Gary Weiss admitted the evidence given at the inquest “continues to be incredibly difficult for everyone involved.”

“First and foremost, our heartfelt thoughts remain with the victims’ families and everyone who has been affected by this terrible tragedy,” Dr Weiss said.

“The team at Ardent Leisure and Dreamworld are deeply sorry this accident happened, and we understand how difficult this time has been for everyone involved, including the first responders to the accident.”

“Ardent reaffirms its commitment to assist the Coroner throughout the remainder of the inquest process and to implement all recommendations in consultation with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and the theme park industry.”

The inquest will resume in November.