Former Mayor raises Commonwealth Games concerns

FORMER Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke has admitted, he thought venue progression for the Commonwealth Games would be more advanced by now.

The ex-athlete helped secure the event while in the top job, but is worried it will end up being a disaster similar to what happened in Delhi in 2010, with venues not ready in time or finished at the last minute.

Mr Clarke said one of his main concerns is the delay in confirming Metricon Stadium for track and field events.


He said he “can’t see the Suns Stadium being used, because it would set the Suns so far back to have that suddenly taken away from them in the year 2017 and a bit of 2018”.

Mr Clarke said he thought “by now there’d be some certainty about where the games would be staged and the detail and the plan laid out”.

He admitted he is not privy to the latest information on the event, so can only comment from afar.

Member for Southport Rob Molhoek was critical of the former Mayor’s remarks.  He said “it’s easy to throw eggs from the sidelines especially when you’re not privy to the conversations that are going on behind closed doors, but the planning is well underway for that”.