Former Noosa Councillor fined over controversial The Bachelorette appearance

Former Noosa Shire councillor Jess Glasgow has been fined following a formal investigation into his “disrespectful” and “offensive” behaviour on The Bachelorette reality TV show two years ago.

The Office of the Independent Assessor launched an investigation into Mr Glasgow for misconduct after receiving a number of complaints in regards to his controversial appearance on the show in 2019.

In a statement released on Thursday morning, the Councillor Conduct Tribunal said Mr Glasgow was found to have “recklessly engaged in misconduct” during the two episodes he appeared on, and in subsequent media interviews.


In the first episode, Mr Glasgow appeared in mock mayoral robes and identified himself as a Noosa politician, telling Bachelorette Angie Kent “I’m a local Councillor, so, the one below the Mayor”, despite not being the deputy mayor.

The following night he was seen dressed up as a horse’s rear-end at a photoshoot, and was filmed making lewd gestures, sexualised comments, and attempting to bite and lick Ms Kent.

He also indicated he would kiss Ms Kent and other women without their permission saying, “I would’ve just grabbed that sweetie and laid one on her”, and “I’ve kissed plenty of girls who’ve turned their heads before”.

The CCT described Mr Glasgows comments as “offensive”, his behaviour during the photoshoot as “disrespectful”, and said his “misleading statements” to the media about having the Mayor’s approval to be on the show reflected poorly on the office of councillor.

“Mr Glasgow failed to uphold the local government principle which required councillors to provide democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement when undertaking their responsibilities, including their responsibility to provide high quality leadership to the local government and the community,” the CCT said.

In handing down its decision, the Councillor Conduct Tribunal said Mr Glasgow’s behaviour was “so unacceptable” that it would have recommended his dismissal or suspension had he still been in office.

Instead, Mr Glasgow was fined just over $4000 and ordered to make a public admission of his misconduct.

He was also ordered to reimburse the Noosa Shire Council $1000 in costs arising from the matter.

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