Former PM Tony Abbott headbutted by same-sex marriage supporter

FORMER Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been attacked by a same-sex marriage supporter in Hobart.

The incident occurred as Mr Abbott was returning to his hotel after leaving a private function on Thursday.

Sky News Presenter Andrew Bolt said Mr Abbott was “headbutted in the face” by a man with a ‘Yes’ badge.


“Tony Abbott, former prime minister, was in Hobart today, going from the function back to his hotel with his media man, Sam,” Bolt reported.

“A bloke with a Yes badge walks out and says ‘Hey, Tony, can I shake your hand?’.”

After offering his hand, Bolt said the man with “tatts and all that stuff” assaulted the former prime minister.

“The man headbutts him in the face, goes off swearing, abusing him, saying he deserved it,” Bolt said.

Mr Abbott said the incident was a reminder of how ugly the same-sex marriage debate has become.

“He wasn’t very good at it, I’ve got to say,” Mr Abbott told Sky News. “… but he did make contact. The only damage was a very very slightly swollen lip.

“I was with a member of my staff [and] the member of my staff briefly grappled with this guy and he then ran off swearing his head off.”

“It was just a reminder of how ugly this debate is getting.”

The former prime minister does not support same-sex marriage.