Former Qld Premier pushing for ‘Freedom Day’ to ease all restrictions

The Former Queensland Premier is calling for an Australia ‘Freedom Day’ on December 4, determined to get the country back to normal.

Senate Candidate Campbell Newman is making the call on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, saying it’s time for Australians to take responsibility for their own Covid safety.

“By that date (December 4), everybody who wants to have a vaccine has the opportunity to get one. But then we open up,” Mr Newman told myGC said.


“We have no vaccine passports or coercion, we stop the lockdown. We open state borders and reunite families.

“We get our kids back to school, it’s really important that we do that. We bring Aussies home from overseas and we restore our civil liberties by allowing peaceful protests,” he said.

It comes as the Prime Minister declares what will be opening up again when vaccination rates reach the 70 and 80 per cent marks, despite both the Queensland and WA Premiers planning otherwise.

Scott Morrison compared Australians to the Croods to make his point on The Today Show this morning.

That’s the point and we’ve just got to remain focused on getting there because as I say, it’s a deal with the Australian people.

“They’re the ones, the seven and eight of 10 Australians would’ve made it very clear that they want to move forward.

“Now it’s like that movie in ‘The Croods’: Some wanted to stay in the cave and the young girl wanted to deal with the challenges of living in a different world.

“COVID is a different world. COVID is a different world. We need to get out of there and live with it.

“We can’t stay in the cave,” Mr Morrison said.

But with Queensland and Western Australia’s Premiers refusing to rule out the possibility of further lockdowns, Senate hopeful Campbell Newman says there’s just too much confusion.

“We need leadership from the Prime Minister and all the state Premiers, and we need an end to political games,” Mr Newman told myGC.

“But frankly, they need to apologise. They have dug themselves a hole so deep they cannot get out of it. This is the wrong approach.

“Our politicians are saying we need to achieve 70 per cent vaccinations, some are saying 80 per cent, some are saying that we’ll still have lockdowns even if it’s more than 80 per cent.

“This should be about freedom of choice.

“We believe people should talk to their doctors and get the health advice, and the best way to protect yourself is to consider getting the vaccine.

“Once we’ve all had the opportunity to get it – we’ve got to open up the country – just like other countries around the world,” he said.