Former Queensland Police Officer gets jailed for killing baby son

A former Queensland Police Officer who fatally punched his 10-week-old son has been sentenced to nine years’ jail.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard today Colin Randall punched his baby son so hard it caused fatal abdominal injuries at their home in 2014.

Randall said he hit his son because he was tired and frustrated he couldn’t get a job transfer.


The court also heard Randall was desperate for a transfer to be nearer to a woman who he was having an affair with.

At the start of the investigations, Randall lied.

The 41-year-old said his son had suffered unexplained health issues and the injuries were a result of CPR.

However, a week before his murder trial was due to start Randall decided to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

During his sentencing today, Randall remained completely silent.

Justice Peter Davis said he did not accept that Randall was remorseful for his decision to plead guilty, but it was only a matter of self-interest.

The charges came after a year-long joint investigation by various State child protection agencies.