Former Titans coach questions sacking of Neil Henry

Former Gold Coast coach John Cartwright has questioned the experience and leadership of the Titans board following the firing of Neil Henry.

Henry was booted after a board meeting on Saturday, the decision was confirmed yesterday afternoon.

Cartwright was let go by the club mid-season in 2014 and speaking to Fox League’s NRL 360 he questioned whether the Titans board had enough football experience.


“Some of the stuff that has come out of there over the past few weeks, it’s contradicting and there seems to be a lack of a leadership there,” he said.

“It’s inexperience perhaps on the board.

“Do you get total business orientated people or do you need some football people on the board?

“The biggest thing just looking at it, it looks like a lack of leadership.”

The decision to sack Henry follows an ongoing feud with Jarryd Hayne and Cartwright believes the decision to sign the former NFL player showed their naivety.

“There were a lot of people (last year) claiming that Jarryd was the greatest signing the club has ever made,” he said.

“But now, 12 months later – again I think it comes back to leadership.”

Only two board remembers remain from Cartwright’s final year at the club, while the others were cleaned out when the NRL took over the club in 2015.