Foster carers needed in Queensland

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer? If the answer is yes – the Queensland government want to hear from you.

Minister for Child Safety Di Farmer said a new recruitment campaign is calling on Queenslanders to sign up to provide safe and loving homes for Queensland’s most vulnerable children.

“I am incredibly proud of the work foster and kinship carers do, providing shelter, comfort and love to children who cannot live at home with their family,” she said.


“They are some of the most selfless, generous and caring people in Queensland, opening their hearts and their homes to children who need love, support and stability.

“If you are interested, I encourage you to take the next step to join the thousands of other foster and kinship carers across the state.”

Ms Farmer said the foster carer recruitment campaign was part of a $2.6 million campaign that aimed to attract more foster carers.

The campaign includes a series of short stories profiling carers’ personal experiences and champions their efforts and will be rolled out through television, social media and digital advertisements across the state.

Daveena and Des Lawlor, who feature in the campaign, have been fostering for five years now and say that it is something they had always wanted to do.

“If you’ve got a place in your home and your heart for a child – then do it,” he said.

“Children are the future for us all so let’s help them have a better future.”

Daveena, who identifies as Aboriginal, says it’s very important for Indigenous children to be with Indigenous carers to keep culture going.

“Children need to know where they’re from and be proud of who they and their kin are,” she said.

To view the stories and for more information visit or call Queensland Foster and Kinship Care on 1300 550 877.

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Why don’t foster carers get paid? I would become a foster carer but I can’t afford to quit work. Agencies are paid millions by government, to employ carers to look after kids in residential care. These kids are exposed to a never ending rotation of highly paid ‘carers’. Yet families who can provide the most loving and functional homes are denied payment. It defies understanding.

Agency funding needs to be cut. The funds need to be out towards more effective ways to help these trauma effected children. Like professional support as soon as they are removed from bio patents and placed with strangers.
Totally agree payment and employment for caring for children who cannot live at home.

Carla best you contact foster carers in this volunteer role. To get both sides of the fostering system to enable awareness.

Happy to be contacted.

Honestly, treat the current carers with the respect they deserve and you will stop losing the 1000 a year that resign. It is exhausting fighting for every cent that is needed for children’s therapies etc. There are many carers who advocate for children’s needs and rights, only to be threatened by Child Safety to have children removed. Allegations made by nasty people, that are unsubstantiated but children are removed anyway. Did it ever occur to anyone, that if carers were treated with respect and dignity, not spoken down to all the time and were supported better, i.e, respite, that hundreds of thousands of dollars could be saved not doing recruitment drives? That money could then be channeled into better supports for the children, carers and the children’s families. It’s not rocket science.

Exactly right some respect and care for the tough job carers and their families do 24/7 would help retain good carers that are currently leaving in droves.
The manager had delegation over everything we ask for including therapy and giving this piece meal so the therapist can’t develop a plan is setting these kids up to FAIL
Pay a living wage so we can give these kids what they need without grovelling for it!!
It took 18 months to have a passport application sent off after we completed it and mum signed it.. rediculous