Body of Gold Coast base jumper possibly tampered with

POLICE think a helmet camera may have been removed from the body of Ashley Cosgriff after he jumped off the 432 metre tall Omega transmitter in Victoria’s Gippsland region, (pictured, courtesy of

It is reported that someone travelled a distance of around 60 kilometres on Saturday to raise the alarm, but did not leave a name.

Ashley, who went to Elanora State High School, was lying alone when police discovered his remains.  Officers think a helmet camera may have captured the fall, but was nowhere to be found.  They do not think that Ashley was alone when he jumped.


The 23-year-old thrill seeker had been living in New South Wales before his death.

The ABC reported “there is a mount for a camera attached to his helmet, but no camera was found at the scene,” a police spokesman said.

“When police arrived at the scene, we found that the person’s helmet had been removed. We believe that’s happened post-impact.”

“What’s happened at the scene is not so important as what’s happened afterwards and you should be helping your friend [by helping to] put this together,” he said.