Four arrested after dramatic stolen car crash in Coomera

Four juveniles have been taken into custody following a suspected stolen car crash on the northern Gold Coast on Thursday afternoon.

Police were called to the intersection of Foxwell Road and Railway Drive in Coomera around 2.45pm, following reports of a two car crash.

Senior Sergeant Brendan Wiblen said a black stolen vehicle collided with a white 4WD near the popular Coomera Westfield Shopping centre.


Four people from the suspected stolen vehicle allegedly tried to flee the scene following the accident, but were quickly tracked down and arrested by responding officers.

PHOTO: Supplied to myGC

Senior Sergeant Wiblen said the innocent driver of the SUV thankfully managed to escape with non-life threatening injuries.

They were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital along with their passenger, who was also in a stable condition.

Two of the four juveniles have also been hospitalised, while the other two remain in police custody.

Investigations into the crash are continuing.

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I was at the scene today as i saw the crash i was devastated i saw the kids run out of the car, as a little boy and his mum came out of the car in shock and hurt. As the police officer ran down the road the lights turned green i told my mum to pull over as i could not let those kids get away for what they did i got out of the car and chased them down but i wasn’t the only one, a tradie and another man followed, the tradie manged to get the ones in the photo as i chased a boy about a foot taller then me till i cornered him but he manged to jump the fence and run, as the other man the the police officer just got there as he crawled through a hole at the next fence, as i am only 14yrs old and using no caution to if he held a weapon i was not worried because i could tell he had nothing on him or it would of shown a strange shape in his pocket, i came back as my mum was concerned , later on he was caught and the fourth that we didn’t see . but that great tradie that got them deserves recognition in my opinion.

Thankyou!! I was the driver of the white car. My little boy and myself are fine, everyone who helped did an amazing job at catching them x