Four Australians caught up in London attacks, “very real concerns” for two

IT has been revealed four Australians were caught up in Saturday night’s deadly terror attack in London and tonight, there are “very real concerns” for two of them.

Seven innocent men and women were killed and more than 50 civilians were injured in the frenzied 8-minute attack – the third in the UK in as many months, the second in two weeks.

The horror unfolded around 10pm when three terrorists ploughed a rented van into pedestrians on London Bridge before jumping out with large knives and going on a murderous rampage through the Borough Markets.


The trio started stabbing and slashing people indiscriminately before being shot dead by police. They were neutralised within eight minutes of the first emergency call to officers.

Seven people were murdered in the onslaught and more than 50 people were injured. Of those, 48 were admitted to hospital where 36 of them remain.

Twenty-one victims are still listed as being in a critical condition.

Queensland woman Candice Hedge was working in a bar at the Borough Markets when the attack unfolded. She was trying to hide when a jihadist stormed in, grabbed her head from behind and slashed her throat.

Ms Hedge survived the horrific attack and is expected to be released from hospital next week.

Darwin man Andrew Morrison was also stabbed. It’s understood he sustained less serious injuries and will return to Australia this week.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there were “very real concerns” for two other Australians whose identities have not yet been released.

“There are two other Australians, so that brings it to a total of four, about whom we have very real concerns,” Mr Turnbull said. “But at this stage, we are not able to say anything more.”

“We have been in close touch with their families as we seek to find confirmation of [their] circumstances.”

Mr Turnbull said there were many Australians in the vicinity of the attack on Saturday night.

Around 130,000 Australians are said to live in the UK at any given time.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the act of terror on Monday morning. It comes after five men and seven women were arrested in a string of counter-terrorism raids in east London on Sunday.