Four men charged over fire that ravaged Fraser Island

Four people have been charged with allegedly starting the fire that ravaged Fraser Island for two months.

Police said an illegal campfire is believed to have ignited the ferocious blaze, which tore through 87,000 hectares of the Island.

“It will be alleged on October 14, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services rangers were alerted to an illegal campfire in a camp zone on Eastern Beach,” Qld police said.


“Rangers attended and located a campfire that was covered in sand though still radiating heat.

“Native vegetation in close proximity had caught alight and started a wildfire to the north west of the camp site.”

Following investigations, police arrested four men in Maryborough on Monday.

A 24-year-old Warwick man has been charged with the unlawful lighting of a fire and leaving a fire unattended.

While a 21-year-old Rosenthal Heights man, a 24-year-old Rosenthal Heights man and a 23-year-old Massie man have been charged with one count each of the unlawful lighting of fires.

They will all appear in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on January 21.

Police said a 17-year-old boy will also be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.

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So the rangers attended and saw the fire still radiating heat and then left the area? Then the bush caught on fire. Sounds to me like the rangers have some responsibility too.

Whilst these men behaved wrongly ,no one seems to be focusing on a labour government that allowed a fire to spread for so long and did very little to put it out.Where were the Greens allowing such a massive bonfire to burn for weeks without raising any comments or concerns.? What happened to the water bombing planes ? If a farmer had behaved like this he would have been pilloried