Four children’s toys removed from sale in lead up to Christmas

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, The Office of Fair Trading has completed its annual toy safety audit, with more than 327 products inspected, and four toys removed from sale.

This year, safety inspectors cracked down on major retailers and small independent stores, with a large emphasis on button battery products.

“Parents should be especially careful if children are playing with a toy or Christmas decoration that is powered by button batteries,” Office of Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said.


“In Brisbane, in addition to the toys inspected, safety inspectors checked 140 different products with button batteries from 30 traders to assess whether they complied with the voluntary industry code on button battery safety.

“Of these, a small number of products were voluntarily removed from sale because the button batteries were easily accessible to small children.

“I urge parents and caregivers to be vigilant with Christmas novelty products and decorations that use button batteries and always be aware of where the button batteries are.”

Overall, Mr Bauer said he was pleased with the results of the audit.

“It is good to see the steady improvement of Queensland traders meeting safety standards,” Mr Bauer said.

“The OFT has worked closely with Queensland importers and traders, providing regular education and expert advice throughout the year and this has clearly paid off.

“While people can buy toys with confidence, remember that children, especially younger children should be closely supervised.

Each year the Office of Fair Trading conducts a state-wide inspection of toys to ensure they are safe for little hands at Christmas.

To see a list of the children’s toys that were removed from sale this year, click here.