Four new Covid cases in Victoria, two false-positives confirmed

There have been another four coronavirus cases diagnosed in Victoria overnight, as officials stand firm on the lockdown extension for Melbourne.

It comes after two recent local infections were found to have actually been false positives.

It’s prompted calls for the strict lockdown of Melbourne to be lifted early, now that there haven’t been as many cases transmitted in ‘fleeting’ circumstances.


“We have 5,000 primary contacts, we have exposure sites right across the State,” Acting Premier James Merlino said in his brief update before National Cabinet on Friday morning.

“We have got a high number of cases. Many of them of some concern to public health.

“We have seen – it’s been a feature, a rare occurrence but from hundreds of thousands of tests during this journey with the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of tests, there is the rare occasion where you get a false positive or get a false negative.

“That has been the case all the way through. There have been a number of other cases where we have seen fleeting contact and transmission and public health will go into further detail when they’re standing up with the Minister for Health later on today,” he said.

Earlier, a health department statement said it’s welcome news that two of the recent infections were false positives… but that doesn’t cancel out the risk for Victoria.

“We still have a further eight instances of transmission through passing contact between people who have not directly interacted with each other – that’s the one in ten we remain concerned about.

“There are still five exposure sites where this has spread into the community through people who don’t know each other – where there is no record of direct interaction – and we need to be sure we have all those cases fully contained,” the statement reads.

Health officials will provide an official update slightly later this morning.