Four new Housemates to enter Big Brother tonight

FOUR new intruders are set to enter the Big Brother house tonight.

The new “noisy neighbours” will cause pandemoniumin and attempt to shake the current crop of housemates.

Richard is the new Housemate who is considered the brains of the bunch. He is a smart 25-year-old banker from New South Wales.


Penny is the new housemate with strength. She is a 30-year-old toned, strong, dance teacher from Victoria, who loves the simple things in life.

The Housemate with heart is 26-year-old Tom from New South Wales. He spends his weekend’s volunteering at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in their weekend play program and works as a marketing manager Monday to Friday.

The final new Housemate to enter the Big Brother game is Lina. She is considered the Housemate with soul. She is a fashion manufacturing and logistics coordinator from Victoria who has a degree in business, and a Masters in diplomacy from Monash University.

Tune in Channel 9 tonight at 8.30pm to see the contestants reaction to the new housemates.