Four passengers removed from plane after woman ‘sees’ suspicious text

Four passengers were ordered of a plane in the US, after a woman sitting next to them reported she had seen one receive a suspicious text message.

The female passenger reportedly told the flight crew on board a chicago-bound plane that she witnessed a male passenger make several phone calls in a language other than English and saw him receive a text message that read “BLR Dynamite”.  BLR is the airport code for Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore, India.

The woman said the male was travelling with two other passengers, and talking with a fourth.


The plane was taxiing to the runway at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport when the woman made the report, and flight crew decided to not take off and head back to the terminal.

All passengers were ordered off the plane and the four passengers, three men and a woman, were detained for questioning.

Officers checked the phone and no text message with the word “dynamite” was found.

The four passengers were released without charge.