Four people, dogs winched from flooded northern NSW campsite

A group of stranded campers and two dogs have been rescued from rising floodwaters at a campsite near Moree, in northern NSW.

A man and woman who were camping together, and two men who were unknown to each other, raised the alarm this morning after floodwater rose significantly overnight.

The LifeFlight Special Mission helicopter was tasked to the scene around 11.30am and winched two people and a dog up to the chopper safely, before flying them to Moree Airport.


The aircraft then returned to the flooded campsite, where they were able to rescue the other two people and a second dog.

LifeFlight’s Critical Care Flight Paramedic Aaron Hartle said the group told him they had become acquainted at the campsite and were monitoring rainfall in the region over the past few days.

“They knew it was raining and knew it was flooding, but had discussed the situation and thought they’d be okay,” Mr Hartle said.

“When they woke up this morning, the water was higher than knee-deep, so the group contacted the NSW SES, as there was no way out”.

Thankfully no one was injured.