Four teens charged after crashing stolen car in Broadbeach

Four teens have been charged after allegedly crashing a stolen car in Broadbeach before trying to flee the scene.

A Mitsubishi ASX collided with a Toyota Camry on the Gold Coast Highway at Pacific Fair Drive around 4pm on Sunday after running a red light.

The impact of the crash caused the ASX to roll onto its side.


Four teenagers tried to run from the accident as Police arrived at the scene.

Three girls, all aged 13 were quickly arrested and taken to the Southport Watchhouse.

A boy managed to escape, sparking a search across Broadbeach with Polair also involved.

That boy, aged just 12, was taken into custody by officers from the Raid Action Patrol at a home in Chairlift Avenue in Mermaid Beach at around 8pm.

All four teens have now been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle and will from the Southport Children’s Court at a later date.

No one was seriously injured as a result of the accident.

Police say the Mitsubishi was stolen from a home on Solitaire Place in Robina on Saturday night.

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Yep we all know where these scumbags are from. The police nor the pollies seem to be concerned, it’s just the safety and wellbeing of law abiding residents at risk. These brats will be out on bail tonight ready to steal more cars and endanger people’s lives. No big deal.

If I caught them I would of ripped all 3 girls hair out from their scalp and break all 4 of those scums legs backwards never to walk again.

i would help you


Alrighty then.

They will be out this afternoon and told to go to youth justice once a week, which they will not show up for, threatened with breach of bail, which they know the police will not enforce.

They will give the judge a sob story and she will feel sorry for them, home life is bad, that’s why i have to nearly kill people in stolen cars (which I am sure is not the first time they have done it, as those girls look like the ones who stole the car from varsity and broke down in the middle of the roundabout).

If they are given a curfew, they won’t abide by it, again it won’t be enforced. And they will be stealing cars again by Wednesday night.

How does a 12 year old know how to steal a car?
Innocent until they kill someone!
Lock them up.

Name and shame them front of newspapers and tv stations… send them to outback wheres nothing there but red soil…

Lock them up.

Good, the b******s.