Four Urgent Situations When You Have to Call a Plumber

Everyone aspires to be a DIY hero. But when it comes to plumbing some things are best left to the experts. Calling a local Gold Coast plumber is a great way to keep your home in working order and support local business!

Whether it’s an overflowing toilet or burst pipe, here are four of the most urgent reasons to book a plumber in the Gold Coast.

A Blocked Toilet – or Worse!
When your toilet won’t flush properly, often the first thought is to grab a plunger. Sometimes it will provide a quick fix, other times a blocked toilet turns into a far worse problem. It’s more than just clearing out some toilet paper. The actual problem could be stubborn tree roots in the drain or damaged pipes. A plunger can’t help then.

The best solution is two-fold: a hydro-jet drain cleaner will break apart even the toughest blockage, while pipe relining provides a brand new, rock-hard inner sleeve to protect your pipes. Tree roots will no longer mess up your plumbing.

There’s No Hot Water
After a day at Burleigh Heads Beach, or a tough back nine at Royal Pines, nothing beats a good shower to freshen up. But what happens when the water runs cold?

Hot water systems are full of specialised parts, including the thermostat, heating element, tempering valve, instantaneous gas connection and more. Basically, when something goes wrong it’s more than just turning a unit off then on again (please do not do this!).

Emergency repair are always necessary and should be a priority, which is why you always want 24/7 availability. Meanwhile, regular maintenance is a great way to stay ahead of any problems which could rear their ugly head at a bad time.

Burst Pipe Nightmare
A burst pipe is the last thing anyone wants. Issues include structural and foundation damage, plus your furniture and belongings can be easily ruined if the water is spraying everywhere inside.

Unfortunately, leaking pipes can also be incredibly sneaky. It’s not always a gushing pipe in the open, the leak could be underground or behind a wall. Warning signs could be as subtle as a damp spot on the wall, mould or a puddle in the garden.

But if you do notice anything that seems suspicious, including higher than normal water bills, act fast to prevent expensive damage.

Bad Smells At Home
Don’t blame this one on your partner. If there are nasty smells it could be an issue with sewage. Whether it’s a blocked pipe or the sewer vent, noxious odours are not welcome at home.

When there is an issue, the City of Gold Coast does take on major sewerage problems. However, if the fault is with sewer pipes on your property, you’ll have to call an expert yourself. To find a local 24/7 emergency plumber, just check for quality Gold Coast plumbers!