Fourteen show workers kicked out of QLD after VIC visit

Fourteen show workers have been sent packing from Queensland after they were busted entering the sunshine state illegally after visiting Victoria.

The workers, who have been described as “show support staff” are understood to have made their way to Mackay in trucks carrying large rides.

Deputy Premier and Health Minister Steven Miles said the crew of fourteen have since been ordered out of the state immediately as they were travelling on the “wrong kind of border pass”.


Speaking on the Gold Coast today, Minister Miles said the incident is currently an “emerging matter” and that police were now investigating.

“I understand they were bringing amusement equipment to a fair in Mackay and that they had applied for a freight permit, but that was not an appropriate permit for that kind of travel,” he said.

“The police identified that was the case, they quarantined them while they were tested and now they have asked them to return to outside of Queensland.”

“I think what this underlines is that our systems are very effective at identifying where people have travelled inappropriately.”

Thankfully, the Deputy Premier said all fourteen crew members returned negative results for the virus.

“I can confirm though that they have all been tested for COVID and they are all negative,” Minister Miles said.

He also said the show workers may have been given approval to enter the state if they had worked with Queensland Health and applied for the correct pass.

“It’s probably the case that if the show had worked with our public health units and within their COVID-safe plan demonstrated a need for specialist essential workers to come from another part of the country, then they could have received an appropriate permit,” he said.

“But in this case the permit that they used was not the appropriate permit and they have been asked to leave Queensland.”

Minister Miles said the show will still go ahead, “it just wont have the rides that were to be staffed by these fourteen folk”.

Police investigations are continuing.