Fourth day of deliberations in Gable Tostee murder trial underway shortly

After they were once again unable to reach a unanimous verdict, the jury in the murder trial of Gold Coaster Gable Tostee will return to court for their fourth day of deliberations this morning.

The six men and six women jurors, who have been deliberating since Monday afternoon, asked the judge a further question yesterday afternoon.

Justice John Byrne was asked whether language was considered force, to which he replied no.


Justice Byrne then allowed them to go home and return this morning at 9:30am to resume deliberations.

They have asked a total of seven questions since Monday afternoon, and have indicated they are having difficulties reaching a decision.

Gable Tostee is not alleged to have pushed or thrown Ms Wright from his 14th floor apartment, but to have intimidated her so greatly she felt her only escape was to climb over the railing.

Justice Byrne informed the jurors they have the options of finding Tostee guilty of manslaughter if they conclude he unlawfully killed Ms Wright but did not intend to cause her possibly fatal harm.