Fourth Gold Coast hotel taken over for quarantine operations

The Gold Coast is preparing to take more return overseas travellers, by standing up a fourth hotel for quarantine operations.

Sofitel in Broadbeach has confirmed it’s been temporarily closed for six months while the Australian Defence Force begins setting up operations.

It comes as Queensland begins increasing its international arrivals quote up to 1,000 people a week.


200 extra people are coming in this week alone, with that number to continue to rise over the coming weeks.

The Voco Hotel, the QT in and Crown Plaza in Surfers Paradise are the other three hotels currently closed due to quarantine.

Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler says the extra hotel is necessary to ensure quarantine operations are carried out effectively.

“Those people need to be quarantined, and for a very good reason – they’re coming from an international destination.

“That of course means that we need more capacity to make sure that they are quarantined appropriately.

“That’s why we’ve stood up a fourth hotel on the Gold Coast.

“It will be staffed by police external to this district,” Superintendent Wheeler said.

There are currently 655 people in quarantine on the Gold Coast, and 4,055 in quarantine around Queensland.

ADF personnel and Police arriving at Sofitel Broadbeach

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How can the rest of Qld have 4055 people in quarantine ,If the Gold Coast is hosting the 655 then Brisbane must be hosting the 4055 unless they’ve sent them to the outback or Cairns ? Qld doesn’t have that many major cities to take in that amount of people? And who are these so called internationals ? Returning residents or university students ,cause they can’t be holiday makers..
No one seems to know ,they just report on it without any sound foundation. If they’re closing the Sofitel for 6 months it seems like they’re already planning to keep borders closed for that long don’t you think.. No wonder citizens are getting weary of the government’s and the media . No one seems to know anything with truth to give Australians certainty for the near future. All the expert decision makers know is something invisible is out there apparently wiping out millions of Aussies so we better shut everything down and quarantine them .. Real smart alright

Returning residents mainly, our daughter has just returned from work in PNG and although she lives in Canberra, she must quarantine where she first re-enters Australia hence Brisbane ( or as it turns out GC). It’s good money for the hotels so they don’t mind. Everybody would rather be “at home” but we all have to pitch in and do our bit at present.