Foxtel reveals decision on men who streamed Mundine V Green fight on FB

Foxtel has revealed their decision on whether or not they will be taking legal action against two men who live streamed the Anthony Mundine V Danny Green fight on Facebook.

In a lengthy statement, Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh explained why the company has decided not to pursue legal action.

“Foxtel has been in touch with Mr. Sharpe and Mr Hevers following last weekend’s illegal Facebook live stream of the Mundine vs. Green match and we’ve expressed our great disappointment with their unlawful activities,” Mr Tonagh said.


“Rather than taking legal action, we decided to take the opportunity to educate both of them about the significant harm such actions bring to the production of local Australian content, including live sports,” he said.

“We have given the individuals the opportunity to formally apologise via a public social media post, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, in the hopes that more people will learn that copyright theft is not a victimless crime and something that should be taken very seriously.”

“We are pleased that both Mr Sharpe and Mr Hevers have taken us up on the opportunity and have published an apology and acknowledgment of wrongdoing on their Facebook pages.

More than 100,000 Facebook users tuned into the two men’s illegal live streams on February 3, dodging a nearly $60 pay-per-view fee.

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