Free beachside parking a potential reality for Gold Coasters, Mayor Tom Tate says

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a day out at the beach for a few hours without having to pay for parking? Well, it could soon become a reality!

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has today confirmed he will push for ‘free parking’ adjacent our beaches, when the City’s Parking Report comes back to Full Council next month.

The Mayor said his proposal will be that “every beachside parking spot operated by Council, where the vehicle is effectively parked on the absolute beachside, should be free.”


“It reminds me of the days when the Holdens and Fords were lined along our beaches, with the family picnic tables and chairs, and everyone enjoyed a beach experience.”

However, Mr Tate said there will be a parking time limit and fines will be issued if people decide to overstay their welcome.

“I propose those bays are three-hour zones so a family can arrive by vehicle, enjoy the beach for three hours, and not have to pay,” the Mayor said.

“This is not an end to paid meter parking in those vicinities but I’d like to see no paid meter bays where the vehicle is immediately adjacent the beach and I will make that proposal to Council, if it is not already covered off in the officers’ report.”