FREE doughnuts for World Doughnut Day 2019

Tomorrow is basically the best day ever… It’s world doughnut day. And Krispy Kreme (aka the Gods), are giving out FREE doughnuts.

FREE FREE FREE, It’s our favourite word… right behind doughnut… which is also our favourite food.

Donut/Doughnut, however you’d like to spell it – it doesn’t really matter. They’re awesome either way.


Krispy Kreme has announced they’re kicking things up a notch this year, celebrating BIGGER than EVER.

They’ll be handing out 100,000 Original, Glazed, delicious, sexy (too far?), doughnuts around Australia on Friday June 7 (tomorrow!!).

Not only can you pop into your local Krispy Kremery and grab a gob-full of original glazed magic… but distributors all over the country are participating as well (except apparently BP and 7-Eleven, the party poopers).

World Doughnut Day also has a rich history, compared to all those other international food days, the fakers…

Read all about it here. Because we’re too busy drooling to go into the details.